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  • Freckles

Have you tried everything, but nothing seems to give you lasting results?

Have you ever wondered why none of the cleansers, creams, ointments you
tried didn't work?

Are you thinking that maybe your case is much worse than everybody else's?


Dear Friend,

You’ve probably thought to yourself that your acne is way worse than everybody else’s. Other people seem to get by with just using benzoyl peroxide to get rid of their zits, but not you. You had to have your skin burned, or dried out so bad your acne actually became worse.

You have bought practically every acne cure in the market. And the proof is right there on your bathroom - bottles and bottles of half-used creams, cleansers and ointments. And yet, your skin still breaks out and your acne problem has never been so out-of-control.

If you’ve tried every acne cure and nothing has worked for you, or if instead of getting better, your acne problem seems to be worsening, then this information is for you.

Acne is no joke. As someone who has suffered from the very worse of it for 7 years, I can attest to the devastating and crippling effects of living with acne. I’ve always envied people with clear and flawless skin and I knew that if I could just get rid of my acne, I’d be able to do and be so much more than just “the acne girl”.

Notice how when you have acne, that’s the first and ONLY thing that other people notice about you? It becomes your biggest personality trait, your distinguishing feature. “Audrey? Yeah, I know her. She’s the girl with really bad skin, right?” It’s a bullseye straight at your self esteem and makes you desperate to try just about everything to make it go away.

“I Tried Everything. But The Only Thing That Worked For Me Will Surprise You!”

And that’s exactly what I did. I can honestly say I tried everything - cleansers, scrubs, creams, ointments, diets, peels, medication. Some of them would work for a while. But then my acne would always return, much more forcefully the next time around. There were even products I’ve tried that burned my skin and made it really red and irritated for weeks! It was frustrating.

But I didn’t give up. I couldn’t give up! It was simply not an option. I began consulting with dermatologists, and worked with them and tried the various solutions they recommended. And you know what the greatest discovery I made from these consultations was? It's that no single product can eradicate your acne problem. It has to be a holistic and systemic solution. Identifying treatment is the EASY part. But what I was missing were the before-treatment and the after-treatment steps. And without those, none of the treatments work.

I looked at every aspect of skin care. I researched, interviewed doctors, talked to pharmacists, talked to other acne sufferers and those who have succeeded in beating acne. I was relentless. I didn’t stop until I’ve perfected a skin care system that really solved my acne problem - permanently! No more breakouts! I’m proud to say that I’ve been using this system and have been acne-free for 5 years now.

But I didn’t stop there. I knew that other people out there - both men and women - are struggling for a way to solve their acne problem, too. People who have skin types different from my own. Once you are able to identify your skin type, treatment and skin care becomes easy - routine almost.

Friends who have tried this system are amazed at the positive results! Where no cream, antibiotic, or ointment had worked before, my system succeeded. They have seen the solid results of this regimen first hand andit has helped them get rid of acne forever!

I call this amazingly simple acne-zapping plan the “Clear Skin System”, and this is what you’ll find in the eBook that I have authored. It took me 4 months of writing, editing and designing to turn it into the easy-to-read solution that it is today. But the research that went into it includes 7 long years of disappointing, sometimes even dangerous, trial and error.

“Now I Know Why Anti-Acne Products, Even Those From Big Cosmetic Companies Didn't Work On Me”

We are never wanting of choices when it comes to skin care products that claim to cure acne, prevent breakouts, or give us clear skin. Just open any fashion magazine, and you’ll be bombarded with ads of clear skinned, bright eyed models and promises of flawless skin.

And thanks to people like us who are desperately trying to find solutions to our acne problems, this industry has been seeing phenomenal billion dollar sales. The fact is, this industry is operated as a business and in order for them to stay profitable, they need us to constantly buy their products.

They are really good at their goal to get us to try more and more of these useless products in the vain hope that they can give us the flawless skin that we’ve always wanted. You have experienced this for yourself. Honestly, how many bottles of anti-acne cream do you have in your bathroom? Over the time that you’ve been struggling with acne, how much money have you wasted on products that broke their promises? $1,000? $2,000? Maybe more?

Here's What Makes The Clear Skin System Different - And Effective!

To find out what makes the Clear Skin System work, we need to understand the reasons why most of our attempts to treat acne don’t seem to work.

Here are the 5 reasons why the acne treatments I tried, failed.

1. Some people treat acne on their skin the same way regardless of their skin type and skin condition.

It is likely that they don’t know their particular skin type. They choose products that are too harsh or ineffective for their particular skin type. And this could be why the treatments don’t work and sometimes even aggravate the situation.

2. There are various kinds of acne, and even acne-like conditions that are not really acne.

Misdiagnosing your particular condition can lead to using treatments that can actually make your condition worse!

3. Sometimes you think you are only dealing with one kind of acne, but actually you have several kinds of acne and acne-like conditions on your skin.

This makes treatment tricky, because some acne are treated very differently from other forms and what works for one can make the other worse.

4. We get advise from well-meaning friends and relatives.

And these recommendations don’t always work because, again, these recommendations do not always take into consideration our specific skin type and needs.

5.Most treatments are just that - treatments.

They don’t show you how you should maintain your skin or take care of your skin. This is why after a while, your acne comes back, and break outs still continue to happen.

These 5 reasons are all addressed in my Clear Skin System, which I’ve compiled into an easy to read guide that you can download here. This guide is called “Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne Away For Good!”

Take A Look At Some Of The Things You Will Learn
When You Get Your Copy Of
“Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne Away For Good!”:

  The 2 major categories and 9 skin types and how to identify your particular skin type.
  The 3 types of acne and why they appear and multiply on your skin.
  Skin conditions that mimic acne, but are not acne!
  How to treat each of the three forms of acne, and combination acne.
  What to look for in acne treatment products - finally understand what goes into those products, and what ingredients actually WORK!
  Products you SHOULD NEVER USE for certain types of acne.
  Natural methods of keeping acne away - for good!
  Recipes for home made acne treatments.
  How to follow a clear skin lifestyle and maintain your flawless skin on a daily basis - this will guarantee that you never have breakouts again!
  What to do with acne scars.
  How to treat skin problems that mimic acne.
  What to do about freckles.
  Some professional treatments you can consider when it comes to acne maintenance.
  Understanding how your diet and lifestyle affects acne.
  What foods can cause acne.
  What foods can FIGHT acne.
  Easy to prepare recipes for acne fighting foods.
  And so much more!

As you can see from this partial list of things you will be able to learn from “Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne for Good”, the Clear Skin System covers all the bases. It is customized and systematic in addressing your acne problem. And it doesn’t just stop at the treatments but goes all the way to teach you how to properly care and maintain your clear and acne-free skin in a very practical and realistic way.

Here's What Our Critics Have To Say
About "Clear Skin Magic"

Critic's Review

"Clear Skin Magic" can really change your life. If you are suffering from acne - whether it's just a break out then and now, or serious acne that's been there on your skin forever - you will benefit from the approach that the author uses in addressing acne. I highly recommend this book. You should definitely check it out.You’re not going to want to miss this – it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Best Cure for Acne Tips Blog

Critic's Review

"Audrey Roberts' book displays a complete mastery of her subject, a working knowledge, an almost scientific command of what acne is and what it will take to conquer it. "

Health Products Info

Critic's Review

"In the glitzy world of modern health-product advertising online, where medical cures are touted with almost snake-oil-salesman frenzy, Clear Skin Magic stands as a rarity - an unusual, understated, yet groundbreaking acne cure"

Dave T.

Critic's Review

"Your 'Clear Skin Magic' book is excellent and covers a wide range of skin problems. It’s good that you have also included a section on natural treatments."

in an email

Critic's Review

"We feel very comfortable recommending Clear Skin Magic in our review and expect it to receive lots of positive feedback from its growing list of happy customers."

Enjoy Better Skin [.com]


Critic's Review

"A good place to start finding a solution is to know more about your particular skin type and what kind of treatments will work for your specific acne. One book that can help is “Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne Away for Good!”

All About Acne and You (http://acnefreesolutions.net/all-about-acne-and-you.html)

Say "YES!"
And Download Your Copy Of
“Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne Away For Good”
Right Now And You Will Be Able To:

  Identify your own skin type and the particular needs of your skin.
  Understand why acne happens.
  Identify the type of acne that you have - even skin conditions that seem like acne but are NOT acne.
  Use an effective treatment plan to address YOUR acne problem - even if what you have is a combination of various forms of acne and acne-like conditions.
  Have the power to keep your skin flawless forever using a skin care regimen that, again, is tailored to your specific skin care needs.
  Say goodbye to acne and to acne scars FOREVER!
  Finally enjoy the confidence and the freedom from having clear, flawless, acne-free skin that looks young and radiant.

Sounds good? Let me make it even better!

Because when you get your copy of "Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne Away For Good!," not only do you get the free bonus  book, "Clear Skin Magic: Aromatherapy and Essential Oils for Clear Skin," but you also get  another eBook!

Pretty Perfect:  A Guide To Understanding & Achieving  A Slim Face And The Most Beautiful You!

Pretty Perfect: A Guide To Understanding & Achieving A Slim Face And The Most Beautiful You!

Now that you are going to have clear skin, you should make sure your face is well sculpted too! This eBook can solve any fat face problems you might have, and give you a healthy, slim, beautifully sculpted face the natural way. This product is so easy to follow! It helps you figure out what is causing your fat face problem. It helps you determine what exactly your problem area/s is/are, it helps you understand your face shape and your body type better and how this can affect your fat face problem, and it helps you start a good routine which will rid you of your fat face for the rest of your life!

In this book, you will find:


How to determine your face shape.


What haircuts or hairstyles go well with your face shape, and flatter your face


Which face shapes are prone to certain fat face problems


How to determine your two body types


An understanding how these body types work and what they need


Which body types are prone to certain fat face problems


An understanding of your facial muscles

  Which muscles you will be using to rid yourself of a fat face

All about chubby cheeks and what causes it


How to get rid of chubby cheeks


All about double chins and what causes it


How to get rid of double chins


All about jowls and what causes it


How to get rid of jowls


All about turkey necks and what causes them


How to get rid of turkey necks


About the good foods you need to focus on to help you lose facial weight


Which foods you should stay away from when trying to lose facial weight


Facial exercises for chubby cheeks


Facial exercises for double chins and jowls


Facial exercises for turkey necks

  Face yoga and  how it maintains your youthful slim face

Good haircuts and hairstyles you can use to create the illusion of a thinner face

  Make up tricks you can use to draw attention away from problem areas

A facial skin care regimen that will teach you how to care for your face and make your face flawless for life!!


That you have saved tons of money slimming your face the natural way versus having gone through extensive surgery or procedures!


Plus! Every copy of “Pretty Perfect: A Guide To Understanding & Achieving A Slim Face And The Most Beautiful You! ” comes with a FREE bonus book, called:


"Home Beauty Treatments:  Easy To Do Spa Facial Treatments  In Your Own Home!"


which you will also get absolutely FREE!

This amazing bonus product contains procedures for treatments that support the beauty regimen discussed in the eBook, all of which are used by many spas all over the world. From this product you will discover:


How to cleanse your face through natural methods

  How to exfoliate dead skin and rid your pores of dirt

How to naturally moisturize your skin


How to get rid of wrinkles!


How to get rid of age spots!

  How to get rid of dark circles under your eyes!
  That all the treatments found in this product are really affordable, and sometimes downright cheap! Much less than what you would pay at a spa, but still have the same results!

So what are you getting for just $39.95? You're getting FOUR amazing  eBooks all for the price of one! That's an amazing deal!


  Get your copy of “Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne Away For Good!” for only $88.75 $39.95!
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NOTE: This is a digital product. Upon payment, you will be able to immediately download this product in PDF form. PDF files can be opened using Adobe Acrobat, a program that is free to install. It is also commonly present in most computers PC or Mac.

Unlike other products out there that make promises they don’t (and really can’t) keep, you don’t buy my product and HOPE it works.It is guaranteed to work, because if it doesn’t, then you pay absolutely nothing!

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to try one useless product after another and feel like you’ve been ripped off once again.

With this product, You don’t have to go through that ever again because it comes with a 100%, 60-days full refund guarantee.

If after following the system I’ve designed here in “Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne Away For Good!” for your skin type, you don’t see the positive results that you expect... Or just for whatever reason, you are unhappy and unsatisfied with this product, just send me an email and I will refund your money in full, even if it’s 60 days since you’ve purchased the product.

No questions asked. Just a quick and courteous refund.
You don’t have to waste any more time on trial and error.

You don’t have to spend any more on products and treatments that don’t work for you.

You can begin acting on solutions that have worked many times over - even if you have combination skin or even if you are battling with different forms of acne and acne-like skin problems.

And you can start having the clear and flawless skin you’ve always wanted and keep it FOREVER!

All you need to do is order your copy of “Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne Away For Good!” right now andlearn the secrets of the Clear Skin System for yourself.

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This ebook will show you how you can use aromatherapy and essential oils to soothe and maintain your acne-free and clear skin. From this ebook, you will learn:
  what essential oils to use for your skin type
  how to prepare and apply essential oils
  specific treatments you can create to calm and soothe yourself and pamper your skin
Back then, if somebody had told me about a system like this, I would have gladly, quickly, instantly taken advantage of the offer. It would have saved me from years and years of humiliation and frustration. If I could have gotten it right, right from the beginning, it would have saved me thousands of dollars and thousands of hours.

It’s not too late for you. You don’t have to spend another minute and another cent on false promises. Make the choice towards a brighter future for yourself. Get your copy of “Clear Skin Magic: Zap Acne Away For Good!” today and start reaping the benefits of a clear and acne-free complexion. You have nothing to lose - except your stubborn acne!

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P. S.
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